terrazzo flooring

AGGLOTECH terrazzo is a recomposed stone and is a perfect mixture of only natural elements like marble chips, marble powder, Portland cement and water. The mixture has 85% of marble chips and marble powder and 15% Portland cement.

Terrazo tiles are versatile and molded into interesting shapes and successfully designed on custom drawings truly in traditional Venetian style.

Terrazzo is firmly rooted in tradition and is a traditional material (from the Venetian area). It became a popular flooring material in the palaces then. Terrazzo as we know today has its roots in 15th-century Italy. Although the history of terrazzo is traced back to the ancient mosaics of Egypt, its early varieties come from Italy. The ancient Asian technology of laying the Terrazo has been still kept intact carried through the tradition of Venetian masters of Italy. It came into popular use possibly when mosaics craftsmen realized that marble chips became a resilient surface when trodden into the ground.

We have the necessary design capabilities to turn Terrazo stone into any shape, size, and color to meet the demands of our clients. Over 3,000 colours of Terrazo are available with us to meet customers’ specific requests. Terrazo is produced through fully automatic production system. The finished blocks of Terrazo are wrapped in a protective film without direct manual touch. Terrazzo flooring systems are far more water-resistant than other stone floorings. High durability, uniform colour of Terrazo products and competitive prices make it the most suitable stone for all large project work.
terrazzo flooring
Decorate your floor and wall with Terrazo to enhance the view of the living space.
Terrazzo is all set to create a trend as it offers lots of options for customization. It is absolutely not flammable.
Design custom terrazzo floors for your institutional, commercial, and industrial projects.
terrazzo flooring
Terrazzo floors are durable, beautiful, and aesthetic and incur low-cost maintenance. We are experts in both indoor and outdoor flooring designed in total freedom as you choose your own colour, sizes and finishes. Terrazo floor is of uniform colour and displays high abrasion resistance and one can always hone and polish the floor after the installation, if need arises. We supply all the materials for architects and designers to create a custom terrazzo design. All blocks of Terrazo have to pass a stringent quality control before they are sawn and processed for final use. The stones are fully ”green” and no resign is mixed in it.
Cladding by Terrazo especially on exterior façade is full of qualities because of its superb qualities. Terrazzo installation is frost and UV resistance with low coefficient of thermal expansion. There is always a possibility of honing and polishing after the installation. We have all the capabilities to manage a specialized workforce and commensurate technologies to perform the job. Our consultants extend their suggestions and advice ranging from the choice of material to its installation as well as maintenance of the terrazzo studded surface and floor.
terrazzo flooring