Marble: A Sonnet of Nature


A Sonnet of Nature

Mother Earth decided to create the marvel of marble somewhere during the Paleozoic Era, which ran from about 542 million years ago to 251 million years ago. During this period the interior of the earth was going through tremendous changes and nature was playing with metamorphosis to create a magnificent element that would be cherished for centuries in the course of forthcoming human civilization in the form of grand monuments. Who would have thought that this recrystallized carbonate mineral would be the most sought after material in the creation of some of the greatest civilizations of human history? Yes, my fellow marble admirers, this was a rock none other than Marble itself.

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For ages, we, mankind, have harnessed the beauty of this incredible stone through its use in lifelike statues and everlasting floors in ancient Greece to its use in our very own modern chateaus and even in our humble homes. The use of marble as a flooring option is not only inspired by its beauty but also by its study performance for years. The ageless grandeur of the Taj Mahal is an established avowal of this claim. Apart from the evident qualities of marble, there is another lesser-known yet very effective feature associated with marble flooring. You might wonder, what am I actually talking about? Don’t be hasty my dears although your impatience is indeed justified as we all think that we know everything about the marble floorings. The lesser-known quality that I am talking about is that the marble flooring has an embedded beneficial effect on your health. It has the natural property to keep your abode free from pathogens and allergies due to its ability to repel the microscopic particles that are actually responsible for the growth and multiplication of germs.

It is an arduous process that starts with Marble mining and quarrying of marble blocks then the block is sent for Marble cutting after cutting the cut parts are put to the process of Strengthening and polishing. Once the strengthening and polishing are done the slabs are ready to be converted to their commercial forms as per the usage and customer demand. The most used form is rectangular marble slabs that are easily shaped and cut as per the floor design.

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