Historical Saga

In the historical Indian context, it’s no exaggeration that marble is the second most widely used stone after red sandstone in monumental architecture, and the same is reflected in the magnificence of Taj Mahal of Agra, Lake Palace of Udaipur and Dukhnivaran Sahib Gurdwara of Ludhiana. The main reasons that made marble as the favorite of ancient and medieval architects were:

  • Marble floor designs reflect luxury and bring epic grandness to ordinary hallways and rooms.
  • It adds to the comfort as it is a natural insulator.
  • Its durability and hardwearing quality makes it desirable.
  • Marble reflects light in an excellent way.
  • It is resistant to shattering and thereby it suited the era of metal artifacts and heavy furniture.

    Aforesaid are some of the best advantages that have been proven through its use over the centuries. It was claimed by the historical experts that marble flooring helps in reduces the chances of infections and disease spread, the recent researches show that the claim holds true as marble has incredible anti-allergic properties.

Contemporary Symphony

The contemporary modern architects have equally fantasized marble through their prominent works, some examples include the Victoria Memorial completed in 1921 by architect William Emerson and Lincoln Memorial built between 1914-22, to name a few. Both the monuments are architectural brilliance but just can you imagine them to be made of anything but marble. The splendid aura created by the use of marble is what makes it one of the most sought after and used, the architectural stone of our time. Although the benefits that encouraged our forefathers to use this stone in construction have been enumerated above its modern advantages are worth mentioning too. Some of these advantages include

  • The elegance and grandeur of marble flooring is unparalleled, even today.
  • In a fast-moving world it’s easy to clean flooring.
  • It accommodates the radiant floor heating.
  • It evidently adds on to the value of your property.
  • As it is a natural material so any chemical or hazardous effect gets nullified.

These are the benefits that are associated with marble in its modern use, however, these are not absolute as the benefits of marble flooring are innumerable and that what generates ‘lust accompanied love’ for the material. The same legacy is being carried on by the HSB Stone Works through constant innovation that help the other players to maneuver their erpertise in line with latest trends of marble flooling designs.