Marble Flooring Design

Hearing the word “Marble” our brain takes us to the world of regalia, elegance, grace, and grandeur. Such is the charm of this stone that most of the world’s eminent places have the presence of this enchanting stone and the most prominent use of marble could be seen in the flooring designs. It is not as if the use of marble has come to vogue, post the technological renaissance, rather it has been in demand right from the time of ancient Greeks or possibly prior to that. Although in the ancient ages, it was undoubtedly a thing of joy for the elite and privileged alone.

Today’s technological advancement has not only reduced its prices, in a much comparative manner but has also reduced the efforts to refine it and make it ready in its marketable form. Some may find it dearer while comparing it with other options viz. porcelain tiles or ceramic coating, but the fact of the matter is that elegance has its cost. Despite of all the technological advancements, it is yet a herculean job to present a finished slab of marble that would leave the consumer awestruck with its beauty and the efforts to carve this beauty out of a metamorphosed limestone or dolomite stone cannot be realized as perfectly as this stone itself is.

terrazzo flooring

The marble flooring design is an ever-evolving process and it has been changing since the era of Maharajas till now. The designs changed from the classical floral patterns during Hindu royalty that later evolved to be replaced by the designs of vines, trees, birds, etc decorated with traditional pietra dura during Mughal Era and further to a fusion of Mughal and English style in the form of Indo-Saracenic style reflected in the architecture of colonial India.

In the present time, the marble flooring design has adopted a simple straight fitting pattern modified from design to design in its linear alignment. Some designers also include circular or other patterns but most of these are restricted to mostly simple geometric patterns with a single or bi-colored theme, which in its own way gives elegance and luxurious touch to the modern structures, homes, and office spaces. As we say Marble can create marvels whatever the use may be.

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