Marble is a metamorphic rock. A limestone undergoes a metamorphosis under different degrees of heat (temperature) and pressure below the Earth’s crust to become marble. Marble looks usually white when a limestone has little or no impurities. Otherwise, marble can be bluish, gray, pink, yellow, or black in color depending upon the level of impurities it has. Marble stones are used in sculpture and for making ornamental objects. Marble can be polished to acquire a high luster. This converts it into the attractive piece(s) of marble to be cut, polished, and used as floor tiles, architectural panels, facing stone, window sills, stair treads, columns, and many other pieces of decorative stone. Marble is normally available as both crushed stone and dimension stone. Crushed stone is used for laying highways, railroad beds, building foundations, and other types of construction. Dimension stone is produced by sawing marble into pieces of a specific measurement, which are used in monuments, buildings, sculptures, paving, and other projects.
terrazzo flooring

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Marble is a dynamic stone with multiple uses.

Marble is fireproof and has good thermal-insulating properties.

terrazzo flooring

Marble is a good conductor. It allows heat to flow easily from and to your feet. This is why marble is one of the most preferred natural stones for flooring. Marble is a durable stone and used for aesthetic decoration. It has also heat resistant property. Marble can’t catch fire, therefore, it is installed in Kitchen’s walls and floor. Civil engineers recommend the use of marbles in the construction of buildings and tunnels to save them from fire. Marble-studded buildings are great energy savers and hence offer comfortable living conditions. Marbles are paved on both interiors and outdoors of premises. Kitchen countertops, bar counters, swimming pools, and stairs make the interiors while facades, sidewalks, and terraces or window sills constitute the outdoor portion of a building.

HS Builders Offer a wide range of white marble slabs preferred for flooring by a large number of people due to its pure crystalline look. White marbles add up to the elegance and produce serenity in the atmosphere. It does not mean that black marble is not in demand. There are people who want a bold look in the kitchen and bathroom. Black marble in this case gives an awe-inspiring look and no visitors would turn away their heads once caught in such an ambiance. Black marble with white veining known as Nero Marquina is cherished widely.

We are also experts in marble polishing which improves upon the existing density of marble. The polished marble is less susceptible to chipping, cracks, or abrasions. This is how marble stones maintain a shiny, spotless surface for a longer period of life. We also offer patio cleaning, maintenance, polishing, or sealing services.

terrazzo flooring