Selecting the Best Option of Marble Flooring

A step by step guide

Marble flooring is indeed a high-end flooring option and if a house owner can afford he will never miss an opportunity to be a proud owner of customized marble flooring. The persistence of marble to be in vogue has firmly been in place for numerous centuries. Every space clad in marble has its own style statement and reflects the premium status of the owner as well. As marble is directly quarried from the mountains, which are the most robust creation of mother earth, it reflects the most natural allurement among the natural flooring options available today. But marble flooring is not everyone’s cup of tea as its selection needs keen observation and a clear understanding of the stone itself and the space that needs to be equipped with marble flooring. Don’t you worry as at the end of this article you would no more be a novice of marble world, rather you might be able to understand the advantages and benefits of marble flooring.

While choosing the marble for your floor you need to keep following aspects in mind

  • Recognize the inherited qualities of marble: As marble is an all naturally occurring stone, it is important to understand its biome and niche. A simple principle applies to all-natural things and beings that they should be given their natural environment and treatment otherwise they may not survive for long and result in more harm than good. Marble has a porosity and is reactive to acids. So, marble should be avoided in kitchen cooking tops or any area where there is a possibility of continuous contact with any chemical agent.
  • Determine the space where the marble will be used: The usage identification is again worth consideration. If you use the marble in a space where there are chances of continuous water contact then, the marble surface must be sealed properly, with a suitable sealant. The porous nature of marble makes it vulnerable and that is why sealing the surface becomes relevant as per the use.
  • Compute the size of your area: Most people just go for opting the marble flooring without having a precise idea of the space where it is to be done. The most important part of any project is the economy and budget and no project shall be allotted endless resources. The same principle applies here, without having an exact idea of space you might end up spending much more than what you anticipated at the beginning of your project.
  • Choose a marble color: Marble is probably the only stone with such versatility in colour and it is found in white, orange, gold, green, red, gray, brown and black, and every colour has further variations in veins combination. Prior to choosing a marble you must confirm the colour and feel you want in your space of choice. While the right colour might convert a redundant space into a regal arena, the wrong choice of colour will shatter the dreams you have about renovated space.
  • Outline your budget: And ladies and gentlemen here comes the million-dollar question. How to manage the budget for marble flooring? In order to do this, you need to first layout the marble flooring on paper by asking questions like, what’s the size. Which design should be adopted? What shipping cost would be for the selected marble? Whether sealing is required? And which fitting options ought to be adopted?
  • Pre-inspect the Marble: Inspect each and every slab personally, before purchasing, to rule out the possibilities of any damage like cracks, cuts, holes, scratches etc this will enhance the probability of getting the best product for your space.

These are the basics to be followed while going for marble flooring. Although there are further complexities and they need professional expertise to be resolved. HSB Stoneworks not only does the best marble flooring but also absolves you from the worries of selection and scrutiny and still delivers you the flooring with a personal touch and professional brilliance. So, next time you plan on marble flooring just contact HSB Stoneworks and everything will be resolved without hassles.