Bring Terrazzo Joy To Home​

Bring Terrazzo Joy to Home

A Tradition of fine quality Wall and Floor Treatment

A Tradition of fine quality Wall and Floor Treatment- Terrazzo. When it comes to versatile and heavenly living, Terrazzo itself speaks the essence of quality. Being a recomposed stone and a perfect mixture of natural elements inclusive of marble chips, marble powder, Portland cement and water, Terrazzo states as a traditional material from Venetian area.

As we know today, Terrazzo has its roots in 15th century Italy. The history of terrazzo can be traced into the ancient mosaics of Egypt, its predecessors comes from Italy. It came into popular use possibly when mosaics craftsmen realized that marble chips became a resilient surface when trodden into the ground. Terrazzo is an epitome of Fine Joy. Walking through an adorable flooring.

Mold Terrazzo to your Desire. Essential designing capabilities to turn terrazzo into any shape, size, and color can definitely built a dream into reality. Use Terrazzo to create a lasting first impression with very smooth living. Terrazzo flooring systems are far more water-resistant than other stone floorings. Being the most durable and lowest life–cycling flooring available today, Terrazzo is perfectly suitable stone for all large projects.

Impactful designing, composition, unlimited architectural and design options always shines with Terrazzo tiles and walls.
Taking care of a living, Terrazzo flooring only needs to be cleaned with environment friendly neutral ph cleanser. Considering, health issues, terrazzo seamless finish provides a smooth, quiet ride or walk for patients. Terrazzo installation is frost and UV resistance with low coefficient of thermal expansion. There is always a possibility of honing and polishing after the installation.

Terrazzo keeps a living healthy, successful and fruitful. Polish your living with Terrazzo tiles, you will feel the difference. Mark a trend of living the Beauty with terrazzo.